The Zero Waste Collective

The first & only one-stop-shop to go Zero Waste in the UAE, with products exclusively made and brought to you by local starts ups.

Living Zero Waste has never been easier!

The Zero Waste collective was founded in the sole aim to create a better tomorrow for our Planet Earth. By working together & being one, we, collectively,  truly believe in the power of unity in creating a positive impact on the environment.
It is also the first and only one-stop-shop in the UAE that specializes in zero waste swaps made by local entrepreneurs. Come and learn more about the problem and be part of the solution ! Living Zero Waste in the UAE has never been so easy. 

Ready to learn how to live Zero Waste

Your one stop shop to learn more about the problem, and be part of the solution. One click away to support & buy local from any of our entrepreneurs.

Book your Zero Waste Talk now and start your journey to Zero Waste !

About The Founder

I am Doua Benhida, founder of The Zero Waste Collective.

I have been Zero Waste since 2018 and still continue enjoying my journey with my husband and son – while I am zero waste, they aren’t YET !  My aim is to help UAE residents in their journey to Zero Waste : from educating through my talks, to offering local zero waste swaps made by entrepreneurs.


I want to support them, and help YOU live in the most sustainable way – I want Zero Waste to become as convenient as possible to people here.
If we get a chance to meet, you will notice my passion for the planet, and how mesmizring I believe it is – we need to protect it while we still have a chance, and I hope this platform will be just what you’re looking for !


The Zero Waste Collective’s ultimate goal is to become the one stop shop for UAE residents to become Zero Waste in just one click. Wether they want to know more about the problem, or simply need to refill their detergents, all is available right here – and all locally made. “ Become Zero Waste & support local start ups – all one click away !


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